Miners House „Arsia“

Kovarska kuca arsia

Raša, the youngest town in Istria, is itself a unique story about mining. Situated among the green hills, it attracts with its specific architecture. The centre of the town is the spacious square. The church of St. Barbara, protectress of miners, stands out on the square.

The mining story distinguishes Raša from other towns in Istria and makes it recognizable. Due to the charm of its architecture and the captured historical moment, it is a real jewel from a different era. The mining history is woven in the entire image of Raša. The rich heritage of the life of the miners and their families is authentically displayed in the Arsia Center, a small museum of mining. The museum is located on the main square in Raša and offers to the visitor a one of a kind experience of the work and life of the miners in Raša.

The entrance to the museum is quite impressive. It evokes the mine shaft, and the symbolism of the underworld is emphasized by the contrast of darkness and light. The images of the miners’ faces, and numerous exhibits from the mines, give the visitor a real experience of the atmosphere of the mine. The visitor blends in with the interior and experiences the reality of mining. Walking on the original railroad tracks is an unforgettable feeling, and the screens with video projections lead visitors to the past. Archival films capture the visual moment of a time and become part of an unusual story. Through pictures and sounds, the visitor becomes acquainted with the history of Raša and its inauguration. Sound effects create the impression of real explosions in the mines and coal digging. The visitor is provided with the complete enjoyment and impression of the atmosphere of the mine. Being a part of a one moment in time of a mining story, feeling this reality, is a rewarding experience for visitors. Within the museum, an additional interesting feature is the display of a typical, poor mining apartment. Numerous details in the apartment tell their story and are a mirror of a time. The life of poor miners is reflected in the interior of the apartment through an inventive and genuine display of carefully selected items. The feeling of the hardship of mining life is enhanced with the contrast of change of darkness and light at the entrance to the mining apartment. At the exit, from the souvenir shop we carry a souvenir as a lasting memory that we have truly experienced a mining story. Wishing to offer this unique experience to everyone, Arsia Center is accessible to people with disabilities and those with a higher degree of immobility.

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