Camp Marina 4*, located in Sveta Marina, is the first four star campsite on the eastern coast of Istria. Thanks to its excellent location next to the sea this campsite is perfect for underwater adventures in the diving center named as one of the best in the Mediterranean. A divers’ paradise is enriched with new relax infinity pool for initial training at an adequate depth. Campsite Marina is the first campsite in Croatia with full diving center service – from bottling, diving courses, boat trips and equipment rental, up to the pool suitable for beginners’ training, diving equipment washing area, mobile homes with diving equipment storage space and other facilities. The campsite also includes a beach, children’s pool with a sundeck and newly renovated playground.


Ubac Shoal

This is one of the most popular dive sites because of its fauna and the interesting morphology of the seabed.

You begin your dive on the north side and descend towards the east.

The wall opens up, and the seabed is at a depth of 28 m. Then turning right, you dive towards the south and enter an overhang at 14 m that continues into the wall, and then you enter a cave.

Crna Punta

You dive parallel to the shore, following the rocks towards the east at a depth of about 20 m. At 25 m, you pass through a tunnel festooned with soft corals and cnidarians.

To the left, there is a small cave in which you can see large tube worms, lobsters…

You go around the rock and rise towards the shallow. At a depth of 3 m, there is a crevice that leads toward land and ends in a beautiful pebble beach.

Wall near Škvaranska

Wall near You begin the dive on the north side by jumping into the water and diving along the crag.

The bottom slowly begins to drop as you follow the crag on the right and dive in a southerly direction.

The crag rises vertically above you; it curves gently, creating underwater coves.

Although the site has an average depth of about 25 m, there are two rocky extensions that go down to depths of about 40 m.

Cape Barbakovac

Located close to the village of Ravni, this tongue shaped reef spreads out towards the open sea up to 45 metres in depth, making one of the most beautiful diving locations on the east coast of Istria.

Two tunnels pass through this reef, first at a depth of 35 m that is big enough to allow a group of divers to pass at the same time, whilst the other one, at a depth of 18 m, is much narrower and it is not recommended to pass through it.

St. Marina’s walls

On the St. Marina peninsula, under the pebble beach, the St. Marina walls are situated. Here you can find 3 reefs which directly from the beach drop off to the open sea up to a depth of 55 metres.

The location offers the possibility of large number of dives for all categories of divers thanks to its size and diversity even when the weather conditions do not allow boats to leave the harbour.

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