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Tunarica i Ubac

Tunarica is a bay and a small fishing village situated in the Raša bay. In the past the local people were traditionally engaged in fishing and maritime affairs and were especially famous for tuna fishing. During the prehistory this area was highly populated area (there are many hill forts and barrows). During the Roman Age one of the two known spots to cross the bay was located near Tunarica. In the 16th and 17th century Tunarica was owned by the Battiala family, whose members had their summer house built there. The ruins of the house can still be seen today next to the restaurant in the camping site, opened in 1972.

Ubas Peninsula (Ubac, Ubaš)

A peninsula and a cape of the same name-Ubas-are situated on the east side entering the Raša bay. Cape Ubas is also the southernmost point of the Labin area.  There is a lighthouse built in 1887, which ensured secure entrance and navigation in at that time very important Raša bay. There are two prehistoric hill forts and a medieval church of St. Nicholas on the peninsula. During the Venetian rule the peninsula was owned by the Battiala family. In the course of World War II the central Partisan hospital for the area of Labin was located here, and in 1944 the Partisan headquarters for all Istrian units was transferred to Ubas. During WWII the Germans blew up the lighthouse thinking that there was a Partisan hospital in it. Thanks to its preserved Mediterranean flora and a large population of wild animals the Ubas peninsula is nowadays registered as a protected territory.