TYPE E BUILDING (1936 -1937)

This building was used for accommodation of single miners, or those miners who were temporary workers or permanent workers without families. The U-shaped building consists of a ground floor area with a kitchen and dining room and two side areas, in two, and then in three levels with several smaller four bed rooms, with the total capacity of 200 beds, common lounge rooms and bathrooms. As well as in all other public buildings and engineers’ apartments, the facilities included hot water which was also used for heating through radiators. Hot water was brought from the town heating plant. The other hotel for single workers, located in upper part of town called Gornja Raša, is a rectangular, three storey building with usual common areas, a kitchen, two dining rooms, shared toilets and bathrooms in the ground floor. Eight large rooms with partied walls were located in the upper floors, with ten beds in each room.