TOWN PORTAL (1936-1937)

Fascism as an ideology weighed unique revival of the old Roman Empire not only in terms of politics but also in cultural and social sense. The same tendencies reflected in the formation of architectural – urban design of the new mining town. One of the most striking objects which confirm the above fact is the construction of the central town portal, that is, the arch, very similar to the historical arches that marked the tradition of the Roman Empire, while on the other side at the same time it symbolized going down the mine pit. However, this new fascist arch was a designed in the manner characteristic of the modernist period. The main function of the portal was nothing but expressions of ideological slogans and texts which turned it into kind of ideological panel. Interestingly, after the capitulation of Italy and the establishment of Yugoslavia the same ideological panel now becomes the space for expression of ideological slogans and thoughts of the new socialist government.