TOWN HALL (1938 – 1939)

According to Pulitzer’s plans in part of the square where town hall stands today there should had been shops with arcades on the entrance area. Initial plans did not consider construction of the town hall since at that time Raša did not have the municipal status. It became a municipality by a Royal Decree of October 27th, 1937, and during 1938 the initial plans were changed and the town hall was built in its present form. Over the next year is the last fully constructed and the local government started to work. In the premises of the Town Hall there were offices of both local and state authorities as well as the accompanying administrative offices. Following Italy’s capitulation and Istria including Raša joining the new Yugoslav administration a different political social structure was introduced. The municipality of Labin was established, while Raša become only the local community abolishing the independence of Raša as a department for local self-government. Thus the function of the town hall changed its original function, and its premises accommodated local community offices, medical and dental offices, and a part of the building was even repurposed in the apartment block. With the establishment of a new Croatian state Raša regain status of the independent municipality in 1993, after which the Town Hall gets its original function for which it was intended in the years in which it was built.