THE MARKET (1936-1937)

Although after the inauguration of Raša in 1937 the market was located in the southern part of today’s Gustavo Pulitzer Finali Square, in front of the Town Hall, in 1938 it became clear that the marker is too small and doesn’t meet the needs of inhabitants. A new market was built the same year in the exact location where it is today, now including a small building which housed a fish market and the butcher’s. in the mid-1950s during the Yugoslav government the market was renovated and largely extended for the last time.  According to the original 1936 architectural and urban plans, there should have been a complex for the needs of a fascist institution Opera Nazionale Ballila (ONB) built north from the market, between school and the post office.  The main function of said institution was to recruit boys’ aged 7- 13 in young fascists. Thanks to lack of money the facility was never built.