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SPORTS CENTRE (1936-1937)

One of the most important components of the fascist movement was taking care of workers’ physical activity, in order to transform the mine worker into a solid warrior, if needed. Sports centre as one of the first complexes to be completed within urban core of the new mining town only supports the fact that body exercise was an important factor for physical and mental development of workers i.e. miners. The centre consisted of the main grass football field with supporting facilities for reception of local and visiting teams, the central Olympic pool with a diving board of five  meters maximum depth, a bowling room, basketball and tennis courts. Many people at the time claimed that this was the most beautiful and largest sports centre in the region. Until the mine was closed down the Olympic swimming pool was filled with surplus mining water, and after the closure it became unused. Currently, project documentation is being completed for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of all the components of the sports complex in order to encourage body exercise and sports as a key factor for the healthy development of the whole society.