PRIMARY SCHOOL (1936 – 1937)

Although life in Raša began in May 1937, that is, before the inauguration of the new mining town, the primary school started a year later, in 1938, when it was built. Natural daylight is used in all classrooms thanks to large windows. Girls used to enter the school building through the door facing the main road, while the boys used the garden gate. The construction plan included ten classrooms on two floors, for up to 400 pupils, with boys in the ground floor. Despite the fact that the school started working during the so-called fascist era, contrary to some expectations that it would be named after a famous person glorified by the fascists, it was one of the first public institutions named after the famous Italian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, meritorious for the transmission of radio waves across the Atlantic. After the Italian capitulation school was organized as a bilingual Croatian – Italian school until the mid-1950s and subsequently became exclusively Croatian school. The name of school was once again changed to Ivan Batelić Primary School, whose name it bears today. On the top floor of the school complex there were flats for school employees, now used as