KINDERGARTEN (1937 -1938)

The kindergarten in Raša started working at the same time as the near-by primary school. Spacious kindergarten designed for sixty children consisted of several departments for the needs of different age groups, a dining area, an exercise area, a bedroom and a spacious green recreational park surrounding the outer area of kindergarten. Within the kindergarten building there were also apartments for the staff. Special attention was given to natural lighting of the rooms. Fascist-military education started as early as nursery age, continuing in primary school and afterwards. In course of that premise, there were plans to build an additional building to school and kindergarten; called Balilla for the Fascist Youth (Opera Nazionale Balilla). The object failed to be built due to inadequate funds. Still serving its primary purpose, the kindergarten nowadays bears the name of Pjerina Verbanac, a well-known member of the antifascist movement who died during World War II.