Turistička Zajednica općine RašaHistoric guide through RašaDOPOLAVORO AND POLITICAL PARTY BUILIDING (1936-1937)

The Dopolavoro building, i.e. a fascist organization whose full name was Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro (OND) is located on the east side of the square in Raša. This political organization took care of mine workers in the after-hours in terms of animating them through a variety of cultural, intellectual and similar facilities. In the central part of the building there was a cinema for which many will say that its shape is reminiscent of the symbolic construction of a ship, and round windows along the east wall support this fact, while the slanting terrace with iron fence is a reminiscent of the ship stern. In the basement there was a room for various social events. The courtyard area in the back served as a bocce court, which in the time of the socialist administration was removed and relocated within the nearby sports complex. In the early 1990s the cinema was closed down. Nowadays the cinema is out of use and is expecting adequate adaptation with proper cultural function. Next to the OND building stands the political party building with a rostrum. In the ground floor of the said building there are economic facilities, while the first floor was used as office space for the fascist party. The function of the semi-circular balcony with protective iron fence was a function of ideology, and all for the purpose of addressing the public by political leaders. Until 1947 below the balcony there was a monumental, almost three meter high stone sculpture of miner-warrior, made by Italian sculptor Marcello Mascherini. The sculpture was destroyed during the Yugoslav administration and has been unaccounted for to this day. At the time of the Yugoslav administration, political party offices have shortly been turned over to the newly-founded Community College, and later on for the purpose of public library. Today, the same premises are used by various minorities’ associations from Raša municipal area.