Crkva sv barbare

Church of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners is extremely valuable architectural work and a true example of modernist and rationalist conception of architecture with extraordinary profound light and shadow show and a skillful use of volume. In terms of design Pulitzer, as a German student, takes similar examples of churches that had been built in Germany. The cubic bell tower of a rectangular shape, attached to the church, certainly makes its contribution to the vertical views of the town with its twenty-five meter high tower. By the east entrance of the church there is a space associated with the church intended for the people, like a covered lopica (a portico) in Istrian medieval churches. Architecturally, it creates a counterbalance to the arcades on the southern part of the square and constructively regulates the ventilation in the square. Unfortunately, in the mid-1990s the covered part by the east entrance was framed with steel-glass construction. On the right entrance pylon of the church there is a stone relief of St. Barbara, made by famous Trieste- sculptor Ugo Carà.