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Wine Roads

The people of Istria have been historically bound to grapes and wine making. In Istria wine is both a passion and a necessity, part of the culture of life. A variety of soil, red soil in the coastal area and white soil in the interior, adds another dimension to the wine-making culture.

The most famous and widespread wine is Istrian Malvasia, with a refined aroma and fresh taste that best accompanies seafood dishes.

The red wines Teran and Refošk are old and indigenous Istrian wines. Their deep ruby colour, lively fruity scent and pronounced aroma are perfect with meat dishes.

Many connoisseurs of Istrian wines single out Muscat owing to its golden colour, scent of wild pink cloves and exquisite aroma. Both dry and sweet, this wine is perfect to accompany desserts.

Set off and discover the wine roads of Istria, and their many wine cellars, where an unforgettable experience awaits you. And on your way back through the vineyards, intoxicated by the wine and beauty of nature, don’t forget to thank Dionysius for favouring the magical Istrian peninsula.

List of Winemakers:

LICUL DORIANO, Raša, Brgot 40, Trget – Quality wine

Olive Oil Routes

The tradition of olive growing dates back ancient Rome which recognized Istria as the ideal land for cultivating this most famous Mediterranean elixir.

Archaeological sites along the coast clearly show that Istria had quite large olive oil mills.

According to world standards, Istrian olive oil is of the highest quality, and you can taste it if you follow the olive oil routes with marked oil mills and cellars of the best Istrian olive growers.

They will be glad to share all the secrets of their trade with you, after which comes the time for tasting olive oil, that flowing gold bringing health, youth and beauty!

List of Olive Growers:

NEGRI WILLIAM OPG, Raša, Reburići 56, Brgod – High quality oil

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